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programs where you earn money but are free to join.

31 July 2011 | About Forex

Trickle income, like these sites below, build up a bank balance, give you confidence and earn you some funds to invest in HYIP or other programs that require you to deposit money first.

Pay to Click (PTC) sites pay you a cent or less to click on advertisements every 24 hours. It may not sound much but it adds up while only a little time is required to earn from each site every day. Remember, you can click and earn from the same ad once every day.
The following Bux sites are reliable and have $2 to $10 minimum payouts:- Neobux (proof), BuxP (proof)
Here is a tutorial on how to use Neobux which is useful for those who wish to translate the instructions from English..
DonkeyMails still popular after years online – the classic ‘paid mail’ and PTC program. (proof)
ClixSense is another established program that pays 1c a click and also good for buying your own ads. It is best for Premium upgrade members (which costs from $10) as you will get many more links to click on and earn..
Bookmark your log-in page, remember your password and check your account several times daily for ads to click on.
You can upgrade your account by purchasing referrals.
Wait for the ad to load and then watch the 10 to 30 second timer count down. If you open two ads at the same time you will be paid for none of them. Be fair to the advertisers.
You can earn about 4c to 10c daily from one Bux/Mail site as a free member but a lot more if you upgrade. If you join 10 similar sites you can earn $1 a day in 30 minutes even without buying referrals!

Remember to bookmark this page and all the sites you join to make it easier to return daily.

MyLot is a great program for people who like to chat and earn a few cents a day at the same time! The range of subjects is enormous and from all over the world. Upload pictures from your computer, list your passions and other features. But beware – this program can become infectious!! Payment is by PayPal so you will need to get a free PayPal account . I have been paid 23 times by MyLot – here is June and July

GetPaidTo join programs! Sign up for any of the 1550 free cash offers available and get paid instantly through Paypal. For instance, join Ebay and get $7 (so long as you are not already a member). Low minimum payout of $0.50 which you can earn in minutes with a daily survey. Free to join. Open only to USA, Canada and UK residents, like a lot of these GPT programs. Most offers are free but some require a purchase which are clearly marked. Please be truthful when joining and giving information and best to use a dedicated email address as you will get many replies.
Go here to see the payment process and proof of payment to my PayPal account
And here are some tips on how to do offers and set up your PC to earn with GPT programs.
Gaming Lagoon, started in 2006 has now been absorbed into GetPaidTo.
For offers that you purchase you will get cash back. Useful where you are buying software (like for PC Speed Optimization ) or ebooks; getting a loan; buying tickets; and more.
To use the site:-
1. Check the Complete Offers page. New offers are added each day
2. Read the directions for the offer and fill it out. Reading the Terms of Services and full completion will assure your offers approval. Once you’re done, click the green checkmark to mark the offer completed.
3. Wait while the offer is sent for approval. If approved you will receive the points or cash. Get what you want with the points or convert to cash. One point is just under a dollar. This site pays OK.

Surveys for payment or prizes. Get paid by manufacturers for your opinions on their products. All of these are free to join and really do pay. There are many survey scams on the Net and even some where they require payment from you. You should never have to pay to take part.
CashCrate has been paying for over 4 years with over 2 million members and pays worldwide although most surveys are for US, Canada and Europe. Sign up from the UK, for instance, and you get 52 options to complete offers, take surveys or shop online with payments ranging from 50 cents to $15. You get points for playing Flash games as well – good fun! They have a ‘payment wall’ where members post photos of their payments. They have a good tutorial here on how to earn money with CashCrate.

For sites where you earn by clicking on a link to make a search. Here is a tutorial on how to make a valid search . It will take longer than the 40 seconds shown to finish loading three pages but if the advertiser doesn’t get paid, you wont get the links in the future..

High Payouts from ‘free to join’ programs.
Normally I avoid very high payout programs where it sometimes takes a year to reach the minimum by which time the site may have vanished!

You WILL get paid with these programs; about $35 to $50 a month for just these programs and there are dozens more to choose from. Join up, add to your favourites or put an icon on your desktop by dragging on a links page for each program and visit the sites at intervals through the day and earn a bit each time. But do it EVERY day! It soon adds up.

I can get you referrals. Contact me for details on how its done

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