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Define the process

31 July 2011 | About Forex

Try to move through your entire delivery process step by step and scetch it out in a diagram.

A couple of questions you can ask youself.

- How do I get customers, what is my value proposition to them
- How do I handle questions in the sales phase (in my example we have no phone number, we usually take all communication over email – most people can see that we provide a service at a low price and accept this. Those who do not, I gladly forward to someone else since they tend to be “high maintenance clients” that drain your time)
- How do people order the services? (in my business all ordering is online only – they also fill out their requirements online)
- How do I deliver the service/product?
- How do I handle input/questions in the delivery process? (in my example we have 2-3 design iterations where the client can give us input on the design)
- How does the production team get information about the client?
- How and when do people pay? for the product/service (do they pay online or do you send them an invoice manually?)

Try to sketch out the entire flow on a piece of paper.

Now the important stuff… How much of this can be automated!

The more that can be automated, the less you have to work and the better the business will scale.

Because of my background in IT, this is actually one of the steps I’m very good at. But it is perhaps also the step that is the hardest to explain to someone else. It all comes down to you having an idea of what can be done easily with existing products such as WordPress and plugins, and what have to be developed especially for you.

I cannot give you my 10+ years of experience, but you have a couple of opportunities. 1) find someone in you network who knows about stuff like this, or 2) send me an email – if it’s a short one and you send me the process outline, I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

As an example I had a small component developed (cost me less than $200) that could send invoices to my clients in one of my businesses. This saved me from sending out 20-30 invoices manually, and will save me even more time once I get even more clients (scaling).

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